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Perth’s Latest Hotel Features A Mega-Mural And Miami-Style Pool

It all started with a phone call. Art Series Hotel Group’s long-time art advisor Ken McGregor called Melbourne-based street artist Matt Adnate and planted the seed that would a few years later become Perth hotel The Adnate.

“[McGregor] called me and said: ‘would you possibly, maybe just maybe, maybe, maybe want to have an Art Series hotel’?” says Adnate. “He really didn’t suggest it was going to happen. But I was like, ‘oh my god, of course!’

“And then a couple months passed, and there were less and less ‘would you maybes?’ and just ‘you’re going to get one now – let’s do this’ and then there were more meetings. It was a really long journey.”

The Adnate, which opened in October 2019, is the ninth hotel in the Art Series portfolio and the first in Perth. It’s also the first to feature a street artist.

And in keeping with that down-to-earth theme, its rates are lower than other Art Series hotels, allowing for a different market to discover the hotel group. Though each of its 250 rooms feature different works of Adnate’s art – some photographs of it – all are the same size, simple, yet functional.

Adnate says the collaboration with Art Series was “authentic”, joking that he nicknamed McGregor the “yes man” throughout the process.

Walking into the hotel from busy Hay Street, guests are greeted with two large Adnate murals, both portraits and both hauntingly beautiful. “Most of the subjects in my paintings are people who I have met and personally photographed,” says Adnate.


“The best part of my work is the experiences and education I receive from the people I meet. It has taken me on a journey that I never expected and has completely changed my life.”

On the hotel’s first floor is leafy indoor-outdoor restaurant and bar Hyde Perth Kitchen + Cocktails, from the group behind HYDE brand, known for its celebrity-loved LA and Miami venues. Also on level one is as a Miami-style outdoor pool, lined by sun loungers and, at one end, DJ decks.

But the hotel’s pièce de résistance is without a doubt the mural running alongside 25 of its 27 storeys. Deemed a ‘mega mural’, the mural is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Like the artwork in the lobby, it’s comprised of portraits – three in bright spray paint colours: an Aboriginal man, an Indian woman and a Mediterranean woman.


Impressively, the mural took just one month for Adnate to complete. Of being high above-ground on a scaffold every day to create it, Adnate says: “If I wasn’t up there painting, I would’ve been absolutely scared. But because I was painting, I felt completely comfortable.”

Two other murals line the hotel’s driveway – this time of popular Adnate subjects: his wife Jess and of Nathan Maguire, the same Aboriginal man featured at the top of the building mural.

“Every time I paint [Maguire], he becomes a very powerful painting,” says Adnate. “And the subject I chose for the top of the mural, I wanted to be really strong because it’s such an important location.”


The Art Series group was launched in 2009, and has since opened properties in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, featuring works from some of Australia’s most respected contemporary artists. They’ve included landscape artist Dr John Olsen, painter Vincent Fantauzzo and abstract artist Michael Johnson.

For Adnate, the fact he’s now among the ranks of artists he once studied in school is still unfathomable.

“Everyone’s been asking me ‘what’s it like to have a hotel named after you?’, and it hasn’t really hit me. It doesn’t feel like it’s real.”

(All images: The Adnate / supplied) 

Published 16 December, 2019