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A Guide To The Best Australian-Grade Coffee In New York

For Australian travellers, easy access to quality coffee is essential.

Starting a day with a creamy flat white is a ritual many Aussies are accustomed to. And that daily habit is not something many of us are willing to give up, even when exploring a new city.

Fortunately, over the past decade or so, coffee culture in New York has changed drastically. The city now produces far more than the percolated diner brew. A flood of boutique coffee companies – many of them Australian – have popped up all over the city.

If you’re planning a stay in the Big Apple and are concerned about the class of coffee you’ll find when you arrive, know that you won’t have any trouble getting your hands on an A-grade cup of joe – if you know where to head, that is.

Here’s a list of seven spots for where to get Aussie coffee in New York:

Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane is one of the best-known Australian brands in New York. The hugely successful company has opened close to 20 cafés and coffee shops in the city, and more in California, New Jersey, Washington DC and Pennsylvania.

Inspired by the Melbourne café scene, Bluestone is heavy on the Aussie experience serving high-quality coffee along with familiar menu items like smashed avocado on toast and perfectly poached eggs.

The cafés are also filled with the echo of Australian accents, which goes a long way if you’re feeling a little homesick.

Various locations

Stonefruit Espresso

aussie coffee in new york

Freelancers and their laptops can be found in this cosy Brooklyn café. Credit: Stonefruit Espresso

If you’re looking for a light-filled spot to settle in for a few hours over a cup of excellent coffee, Stonefruit’s the place for you.

Take a seat among the freelancers and their laptops in this cosy Brooklyn café, order an Avocado Smash and a flat white, and get to business with your book.

If you have the time, wander into the back and take a peek at their houseplant store.

1058 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Blue Bottle

Not to be confused with the previously mentioned Bluestone Lane, Blue Bottle is an entirely separate coffee company that started in California back in the early 2000s.

The coffee roasters are meticulous about freshness and flavour – each batch of coffee is taste-tested multiple times ­– and it shows in the brew they produce. Pick up a cup at one of their 13 (soon to be 14) cafés throughout New York.

Various locations


aussie coffee in new york

Devoción has three New York locations: Williamsburg, Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Flatiron. Credit: Devoción

Walking into Devoción will instantly calm you. Their three New York locations in Williamsburg, Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Flatiron are each filled with lush greenery and warm leather seating.

This Colombian coffee brand prides itself on its authentic coffee made from fresh beans – which arrive at their Brooklyn roasting plant just 10 days after being selected from mills in Bogota.

Toby’s Estate

aussie coffee in new york

Aussie company Toby’s Estate is one of the top spots to find Aussie coffee in New York. Credit: Toby’s Estate

We’ve all heard of Toby’s Estate. The Aussie company expanded into New York in 2012 and coffee aficionados have been devotees ever since. You can find Toby’s coffee shops in six different locations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Various locations

Two Hands

Named after an Australian film starring the late Heath Ledger, this café – which has two locations in Manhattan and another opening in Williamsburg – has garnered a reputation in New York for its incredible coffee and equally as memorable brunch menu.

While that means there’s often a wait – on the weekends, in particular – a visit to Two Hands promises an a-grade espresso, and some tasty cocktails too.

164 Mott Street, New York

251 Church St, TriBeCa, New York

Café Grumpy

This chain of cafés saw its beginnings with a husband-and-wife duo in Greenpoint, Brooklyn back in 2005. Today, there are eight Café Grumpy locations around New York.

The coffee company sources beans from sites in Rwanda, Honduras, El Salvador and Kenya, and places a strong focus on environmental responsibility as well as quality.

Café Grumpy is the perfect choice for those who want a takeaway brew that’s made perfectly every single time. Don’t be surprised to see a long queue during the early morning rush – you’ve been warned.

Various locations

(Lead image: Bluestone Lane, image: Bluestone Lane)

Published 14 March, 2019