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The Men’s Fashion Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Autumn

Ready for the bold new look to rock at the office this autumn? It might be something you wouldn’t necessarily predict, but it’s expected to be a cool, avant-garde trend we should be watching out for in the coming months.

“Suits and sneakers,” says Sydney-based menswear designer Brent Wilson. “An elegant and modern twist on a traditional approach to suiting.”

It’s part of a subtle shift in men’s fashion, away from strict rigidity and rules towards a more relaxed and eased nature.

A mix of tailoring and sportswear

‘Easy Street’ is an electric mix of relaxed tailoring and sportswear. Credit: David Jones

Chris Wilson, General Manager of Menswear for David Jones, says it’s an evolution that’s being adopted more and more by Australia’s sartorially astute men.

“We are seeing an emergence of what we call ‘Easy Street’, which is an electric mix of relaxed tailoring and sportswear,” says Wilson.

“This makes for a bold and confident look. This is essentially athleisure remixed with a sartorial edge.”

Calibre’s Andrew Vance agrees, saying that he expects Autumn Winter 2019 (AW19) to deliver some trends and styles that can be easily picked up and used when thinking about how to dress for the boardroom.

“Suiting is always evolving and as a result our approach to the [AW19] collection has evolved as well,” says Vance.

“We have added a relaxed fit in a flannel cloth which has a softer construction in the suit jacket paired back with a single pleat to enhance the appearance of volume.

“These suits are made to be worn in different ways. Workplaces are no longer the domain of just the suit and tie. It is now all about versatility – the ability to wear a tie, shirt, dress shoes if you want – or equally with a t-shirt and sneakers. You choose. You wear it your way.”

Timeless style suits with vibrant fabrics

Mix and match suits such as a sports jacket with relaxed chino or contrasting pant are in style. Credit: David Jones

Wilson and his eponymous brand are re-working their made-to-order suit range to continue to deliver their customary affordable luxury to Aussie blokes.

“The styles and cuts will remain the same as we have worked towards a timeless, classic silhouette, however the fabrics will definitely become a little more vibrant, less muted and more experimental,” says Wilson.

“AW19 will bring a creative new chapter in suiting with bold, wide pinstripes and checks as well as an experimentation on textures.”

Colour always plays an important role in new trends, says Wilson. As the man in charge of setting David Jones as a leader in defining and shaping Australia’s menswear, he’s the person to ask about what’s next to add to the wardrobe.

“Key colour ways for suiting in AW19 are deeper shades such as burgundy and navy which can be paired with contrasting fabrications and prints such as bold checks,” he says.

“Suiting continues to be popular in relaxed styles, as well as mix and match suits such as a sports jacket with relaxed chino or contrasting pant.

“It’s all about self-expression and the urge to make an impact with what you are wearing. Colours and bold logos make an impact with designs being underpinned by a traditional athletic aesthetic.”

Autumnal and earthy suit colours

This season’s palate is injected with rich dark earth tones. Credit: David Jones

Vance says we should expect a burst of autumnal and earthy suit colours.

“This season’s palate is injected with rich dark earth tones like shades of soft blue, moss green and hints of burgundy and camel that sit back with our core shades of navy, charcoal and black that compliment and capture the essence of the Calibre winter collection,” he says.

As for Wilson, he’s expecting “darker, richer tones such as emeralds and royal navies”.

Be it sneakers and suits or pops of burgundy, moss or emerald – the message is clear for fashion forward fellas in these cooler months. From the race course to the office, be confident enough to “wear it your way”. Don’t be scared to relax the look, make an impact and have a bit of fun with colours and styles.

(Lead images: David Jones Autumn Winter 2019 / image: David Jones & David Jones Facebook)

Published 19 March, 2019