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How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Luxury Hotel Room

One of the main reasons to book a getaway is the chance to stay in a hotel room. The chance to escape your daily grind and unwind in a calming, soothing and completely new environment. One with crisp sheets, carpeted floors and zero clutter.

“If they’re good at what they do, a good hotel room will have you feeling like you’re stepping into a cocoon,” says Lauren Roe, Creative Director of I Love Linen. “You’ll feel cosy and well looked after. And that creates a state of relaxation in your mind.”

But you needn’t wait until your next getaway to feel this way. It’s possible to recreate that hotel room feel right at home. A few simple additions and tweaks to your bedroom space can make your bedroom the sanctuary it should be. Here’s how.

Invest in quality bedding

As Roe mentioned, when attempting to recreate a hotel room environment, the bed should be a key focus. And, given we spend a third of our lives sleeping, it makes sense to invest.


The first place to start is with a quality mattress and mattress topper – the latter being something most people don’t think about.

“A mattress topper is like this additional layer of really soft, cosy cushion padding that you place on top of your mattress,” she says. “And that’s what gives you that cloud-like feeling when you sink into a delicious hotel bed.

“You don’t see these items every day but they’re unsung heroes so investing in well-made pillows, mattress covers and quilts will make your sheets and your quilt covers feel a million times nicer in the long run.”


Splurging on pure linen bedding will also do wonders towards create that hotel room retreat feeling. “Pure linen feels beautiful on the skin and also looks incredibly elegant,” says Roe.

Add a candle

The easiest tip on this list: buy a candle. Because after a long day, there’s nothing more satisfying than lighting a candle, appreciating its soft, warm glow and letting its delicious scent slowly fill your room.

“Close your eyes and you’ll feel like you’re in a luxury hotel,” says Gloria Chia, Brand Manager of Circa Home. She recommends Circa Home’s Fresh Linen scent candle, which has notes of geranium, jasmine and sheer woods and is reminiscent of clean, fresh sheets – a key feature of a good hotel room.

Avoid clutter

Next is eliminating clutter. Hanging clothes in your closet, clearing your bedroom floors and ensuring any loose items have a home.


“Visual clutter tends to induce feelings of restlessness and elevated stress levels,” says Kamila Scholz, founder of The Good Sheet. “If there was only one thing you can do to turn your bedroom into a more peaceful place, it would be decluttering.”

She suggests spending some time creating a clean and ordered space that’s both visually pleasing and free of distractions. The result is a space that’s both tranquil and relaxing.

Pay attention to the room’s colour palette

Another easy way to make a room calming? By changing its colour palette, either by using it on the walls or in the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom – your bed.

“Colours tend to evoke emotional reactions,” says Scholz. “For example, we associate reds and oranges with energy and excitement, or yellow with happiness.

“Gentle greens and blues, on the other hand, are soothing and relaxing, promote sleep and give your eyes something peaceful and unobtrusive to gaze upon. That’s why they are so often used in hotels or spas, places where we typically go for a retreat, and can be used to similar effect in your bedroom.”

And if you tend to shy away from colour? You can create a serene feeling with earthy, muted neutrals like soft greys, taupe or beige.

(Images: Jessie Prince / The Bower Byron Bay

Published 28 November, 2019