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The Best At-Home Bars To Buy For Budding Bartenders

There’s a better way to enjoy drinks with friends and it’s right in the comfort of your very own at-home bar.

An at-home bar – or wet bar if it has a sink – can come in a variety of designs, whether it’s a permanent fixture or a piece of versatile furniture, there are multiple ways to upgrade your liquor cabinet.

Having a bar in your very own home not only adds an extra dash of luxury to your space but also gives you the option to stay in and enjoy your surrounds or head out for a night on the town. You can easily come home and carry on after an evening out or host an elegant dinner with the option for pre- or after-dinner drinks in a plush setting.

Daniel Mazzei, founder and director of Mazzei Homes said a must have feature of any at-home bar is storage.

At-home bar

“Showing off your alcohol display is a must and that could be with open shelving, glass cabinets, an exposed bench or even wine racks on the wall.”

He says you also want to make it a space your friends and family can congregate in.

“Think about seating or a space for guests as well so you can socialize. A great way to ensure you’re psing the bar is by adding some bar stools or a comfortable lounge.”

If you’re looking to take your at-home bar to the next level, Mazzei says you’ll want to install a built-in wine fridge.

“Investing in proper wine storage and also a secondary fridge/freezer for other drinks and ice storage is definitely a nice to have. Think about integrating any cooling into the cabinetry to create a seamless look.”

He also suggests using luxury materials such as marble or stone for the countertops.

“Take it one step further and match the countertop and cabinetry to the materials in the kitchen to create a flow throughout a home. Having a sink with running water can also take a bar to the next level.”

People converting their unused spaces and rooms into whisky dens or wine cellars is also an emerging trend.

“The majority of individuals who wish to upgrade a simple liquor cabinet to a luxury in-house bar are predominantly males, between the ages of 35 and 50. These individuals have a steady income, and usually live alone or with a partner,” Mazzei says.

best at-home bars

He said those looking to upgrade their bar may also have a passion for experimenting with new cocktail creations and are individuals that enjoy the luxury of having the option to choose whether they would like to entertain at home or if they would like to go out to socialise.

“They love to entertain friends and family and are also looking to create their own adult space where they can relax.”

Interior designer and ILVE Appliances partner Greg Natale has also witnessed a number of emerging trends that are taking at-home bars to the next level.

He says moody colours such as burgundy, with metallic touches like brass, were growing in popularity.

“Beautiful materials such as brass will always add glamour and a sophisticated gleam, while a surprise element such as mosaic tiles along the front of the bar can really lift the space.

“For ultimate luxury and convenience, consider installing a cellar beside the bar.”

Along with ensuring you have a great display of alcohol and a coordinated range of high-end bottles, Natale says you can take your design a step further to really personalise it.

“Sports fans could extend the use of the area and turn it into a sports bar with the addition of an in-built television. There are cleverly framed TVs available now that, when not in use, display art so they barely impose on the space.”

While a permanent at-home bar designed and pieced together is a great way to upgrade your home, there are also some more adaptable bars that you can take along with you no matter where you’re living.

at-home bars

These Smithers of Stamford bars add a little quirk to any space. The Tata Truck Bar has been handmade with recycled motor parts and boat wood and has plenty of storage space.

The Tata Pub Bar is made of the same materials and has a smooth bar top made of solid reclaimed wood. The bar has two cabinets, a spirit bottle rack and two pull out drawers.

Authentic Models – a furniture and ornaments manufacturer based in the Netherlands – even makes bars that are historical replicas of old turn-of-the-century travelling trunks.

Open them up and inside you’ll find solid brass hardware, drawers, serving trays, a chessboard and plenty of storage space. Some of them even have wheels so they’re easy to move around the home.

If you’re simply looking to upgrade your liquor cabinet a little bit by adding a sophisticated piece of furniture to your living zone, you can try this West Elm Zelda Bar Cabinet. It features bronze-finished accents and double bar legs.

There is also this Essential Home Casegoods bar, inspired by Hollywood. Made of walnut, it features two door handles made of polished brass, leather-upholstered applique and handmade polished brass legs.

Published 20 December, 2018