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Watch The Spectacular Red Crab Migration On Christmas Island

Opportunities for local tourism operators on Christmas Island have put the destination in a position to showcase all its natural beauty. Located 2,600 kilometres north-west of Perth, the Island is only accessible via Virgin Australia flights twice weekly from the Western Australia capital city.

“Our industry has had to endure many challenges during the past ten years,” says Lisa Preston, Chair of the Christmas Island Tourism Association. “It’s great to be able to finally start getting our positive messages out into our markets.


The red crab migration has been called “one of the most spectacular migrations on the planet.” Image: Christmas Island Tourism

“We are now poised to start developing our island’s long-term vision for the future, which means embracing tourism and the new opportunities that it will bring for all.”

Easily the most jaw-dropping tourist experience on the Island however, is its red crab migration. Called “one of the most spectacular migrations on the planet” by celebrated naturalist Sir David Attenborough, the annual march takes places in October and November and sees an estimated 40 – 50 million adult red crabs migrate from the forest to the coast where they will release eggs into the seas. Nature enthusiasts and photographers have long since been visiting Christmas Island to witness the event.

Christmas Island also offers an abundance of adventure experiences such as swimming with whale sharks and snorkelling and diving at some of the best sites in Australia. As the Island is surrounded by a narrow tropical reef and rises dramatically from the Indian Ocean’s deepest point, it contributes to kilometres of drop-off diving just 20 metres from the shoreline.


On Christmas Island, you can swim with whale sharks or dive in some of the best places in the world. Image: Kirsty Faulkner / Christmas Island Tourism

Think warm water with unspoiled corals and abundant marine life. From November until April, you might also encounter a whale shark swimming by. There’s also deep sea fishing and plenty of golf.

The Island’s natural surroundings and deserted beaches are nothing short of amazing. Luxury accommodation options such as Swell Lodge has been attracting outdoor adventurers from around the globe. The all-inclusive luxury oceanfront cabins are perched atop a sea cliff inside the Christmas Island National Park, and the solar-powered, eco-chalets look out over a turquoise reef.

While there, guests have access to a complimentary 4×4 vehicle to use in between a host of activities and, of course, delicious meals – some even cooked for you on your secluded balcony by a private chef.

One thing is for certain, Christmas Island is a destination to be enjoyed before the rest of the world catches on.

(Lead image: Swell Lodge, image: Christmas Island Tourism) 

Published 03 April, 2019