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Paris’ Legendary Crazy Horse Cabaret Tours Australia For First Time

It's the first time that the world-famous cabaret has ever toured down under.

Bound by the Champs-Elysées, Montaigne avenue and George V avenue, Paris’ ‘golden triangle’ is home to the world’s most prestigious labels, restaurants and cabaret shows. Just a few steps from the Eiffel Tower and neighbouring Balenciaga, Crazy Horse Paris and its plush velvet interiors are a legacy in Parisian nightlife. Affectionately known as ‘Le Crazy’, the club is a temple of femininity, and is said to be home to some of the city’s most seductive entertainment.

Since Le Crazy’s beginnings in 1951, founder Alain Bernardin’s rich artistic legacy has captivated more than just the everyday audience member. Le Crazy’s signature style and undeniable femininity has inspired collaborations with some of the biggest names in fashion, art and music. Dita Von Teese and Pamela Anderson have taken to the stage to perform with the cast, Beyonce has used the venue to shoot her music videos, and Christian Louboutin has even had the chance to create his very own Le Crazy show.

crazy horse paris cabaret australia tour

Dita Von Tesse at Crazy Horse. Photo: Supplied

It is fascinating that a production so highly revered amongst celebrities is composed from a handful of relatively simple elements. Simple elements that are delivered with expert detail and precision.

The combination of clean, striking choreography that favours long lines and arched bodies, barely-there designer costumes, and state of the art lighting is enthralling; and the exactness required of each component becomes apparent. Even the dancers must fit precise aesthetic criteria to maintain cohesion in the show.

To make the cut as one of the 12 girls on stage, the strict leg to torso proportion (2/3 to 1/3) must be adhered to, dancers must be between 168 and 172cm tall, and the distance between the dancer’s pubic bone and navel must be exactly 13cm.

Furthermore, it is essential that dancers have been trained in classical ballet and acting, and they must possess that little something extra on stage. To say the Le Crazy club is select would be an understatement.

crazy horse paris cabaret australia tour

As well as exact proportions, the Crazy Horse girls are expected to have ‘a little something extra’. Photo: Supplied

For English-born dancer, Taina De Bermudes, being chosen to be on stage with Crazy Horse Paris was a dream realised.

“Before Crazy Horse I was working contract roles in music videos, TV and other different burlesque jobs, but I was never tied to a company and performing for them solely. I auditioned for Crazy Horse after I saw it in Paris and left thinking, ‘I want to be one of those girls’,” De Bermudes says.

With previous burlesque experience, becoming a Le Crazy girl was an easy transition for De Burmudes – even the requirements to dance in little more than a thong and heels.

“We have so many other things on our mind – choreography, corrections, performance – that being nude is the last thing we are thinking’ explains De Burmudes.

“Once you have seen the production and seen how the lights and costumes work, you don’t even feel naked up there.”

Although Le Crazy has a strict aesthetic standard, and contains substantial amounts of nudity, De Bermudes has a strong belief that being a part of the Crazy Horse cast is about more than just the physical aspect.

crazy horse paris cabaret australia tour

All dancers must be trained in classical ballet and acting. Photo: Supplied

‘We know that not every woman is alike, and you can see that in our personalities on stage. I love hearing feedback (from women in particular) who are inspired and motivated to be the best versions of themselves – not just physically – after seeing us up there,‘ she says.

This brings about an interesting cycle, as De Bermudes gets her own inspiration from the very same women who are inspired by her.

“I get my inspiration from any and all women. I love observing women when they’re being themselves, it’s often at these times that they’re even more beautiful and fascinating.

“Crazy means being one-of-a-kind, self-confident and having a good time. You need to learn to embrace both your strengths and weaknesses and make the most out of them”

crazy horse paris cabaret australia tour

Performing regularly on Le Crazy’s Parisian stage, De Bermudes is currently on tour in Australia for the very first time.

“We have toured Asia a lot, but we never made it out to Australia. We would always get Australians coming up to as after the show in Paris asking when we were going to come to Australia, so we thought we would see how it went in the Australian market”,  De Bermudes says.

‘This show (Forever Crazy) is actually 6 years old, but we have adapted it and modernised it a bit for Australia’, said De Bermudes. ‘We have two new routines for Australia, and this is the first time we are using two big LCD screens either side of the stage. The theatres here are much bigger than in Paris, so we had to do something for the people who were sitting further back.’

After shows in Melbourne and Perth, the official tour wraps up on October 1st in Sydney before heading to Canberra on the 4th – 7th October. Tickets for the remaining shows can be purchased on Ticketmaster from $100.00.

(Lead image: Riccardo Tinelli at Fabuleux Crazy)

Published 26 September, 2017