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Clever Tips And Tricks To Earn More Airline Points

Last month we shared with you how to maximise airline points. Because as The Points Whisperer Steve Hui explained, Aussies love collecting points, but aren’t quite sure how to use them. (But if you read the story, you should now have a much clearer idea.)

This week we’re taking one step back and looking at how to earn points in the first place. More specifically, how to earn them in ways you never thought of. And spoiler alert: it’s not by flying.

“So commonly people say, I don’t fly a lot so I can’t earn many points,” says Hui. “Earning points from flying was the original way, but now there are so many other ways to collect them, such as through retail partners, promo offers and paying expenses on the right credit cards.”

So, what are those clever points-earning ways you never thought of?

airline points

Image: Emirates


The first unexpected way to earn is by recycling. Specifically by taking advantage of Virgin Australia’s partnership with recycling company Envirobank. For every item you recycle at a local centre, you’ll get Crunch credits, which can then be converted into Velocity points.

“It’s a little bit out of the ordinary,” says Hui. “But it’s a good way for kids to earn points – it’s something for them to do.”

Adding to your superannuation account

Another way to earn you might not have thought of? By contributing to your super account.

Some super companies gave you bonus points upon sign-up; others, including Virgin Money Super offer you points every time you or your employer contributes to it.

Downloading Qantas Wellbeing app

Downloading the Qantas Wellbeing app not only lets you track your health and fitness, but also lets you earn points as you do so.

Image: Qantas

One of the ways is through the Sleep Health Challenge. Set your bedtime on the app, put your phone down 30 minutes before, and, provided you don’t touch it ’til you wake, you’ll earn points. “You don’t earn many, but it’s something,” says Hui.

Buying a car

Because it’s such a large purchase, people never think about earning points by buying a car, says Hui.

“People think earning points is for small things,” he says, adding that the points-earning bonus does in fact sway potential car buyers. “Points still have an influence on you,” he says.

Other ways to earn

Other ways to earn include buying an apartment (you can earn Qantas points from LK Property Group in Melbourne), selling property (you can also earn Qantas points selling through LJ Hooker) and pet sitting (you can again earn Qantas points by booking a pet sitter through Mad Paws for the time you’re away).

More tips and tricks

And so what are Hui’s other tips and tricks for earning points?

His first piece of advice is this: don’t fall into the trap of getting a credit card with a points cap. “Some credit cards have points caps on them so after you spend say $2,500 in a month, you start earning less points or no points,” he says.

“You could be spending money on a card, but not earning the full number of points for it.”

airline points

Image: Pixabay

It’s important then to always read the fine print on the card’s terms. A simple switch in cards could even lead to you earning double the amount of points for the same spend amount, Hui says. Also important to note is the fact that not all points are the same. AMEX points are different to CommBank points, which are different to ANZ points.

So, 1,000 points through one credit card is not equal to 1,000 points earned through another. “Every single points currency is a little bit different,” says Hui. “That makes it really hard to compare.”

Another trap not to fall into is to use points to buy gift cards. Or coffee machines. Both are similar to points plus pay – a feature Hui is also against using.

“You’re just converting your points into money,” he says. “And you’re going to get very low value from it. Whereas if you use points to buy flights, you’ll get the highest value – especially through business class flights.”

(Lead image: Etihad) 

Published 04 November, 2019