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A Fromage Lover’s Guide To Adelaide’s Best Cheese Experiences

From dedicated cheesemongers offering hundreds of options, to dairy-free fromage delights, these are the cheesiest experiences in Adelaide.

There’s no dairy category that commands a greater love than cheese. From carefully curated artisan cheese plates, to fresh truffle sandwiched by a wheel of brie, or spaghetti tossed through carved wheels of pecorino at speciality purveyors, cheese is crowd pleaser like no other. Here are the best places to indulge in Adelaide.

The best cheese shop and cheese all-rounder

The supermarket cheese aisle may have improved, but it’s still no patch on enlisting the experts. Follow your nose to the Smelly Cheese Shop, located in Adelaide’s Central Markets along with its sister stall, Say Cheese. The two stores combined deliver an artisanal cheese experience unmatched elsewhere in Adelaide, showcasing a huge range of local and imported cheeses, and interesting accompaniments.

The selection is best explored with the aid of one of the on-site cheesemongers, to help navigate through a wrinkle-textured soft brunet goats milk, orange Wyfe of Bath, Al Matlo D’orzo E Whisky cow and goats milk semi-hard cheese and all of the usual suspects.

After more than 20 years in the cheese game, owners Valerie Henbest and Peter Heaney have launched an online portal for The Smelly Cheese Shop that allows customers to order their favourite cheeses by 100 gram increments for home delivery (as well as a covetable French cheese guillotine).

Watch out for in depth “curd nerd” cheese master classes, ranging from French cheese and sparkling pairing lessons, to winter cheese (think fondue, raclette, and oven-baked petit sapin) appreciation classes.

Stall 44, Adelaide Central Market, Gouger Street, Adelaide

The best cheese board

Udaberri takes their cheese boards very seriously. Photo: Udaberri/Facebook

Inspired by the bar culture of San Sebastian, small bar Udaberri offers an in depth gin and wine list supported by an excellent selection of pintxos, Cuca tinned seafood and cheeses. The cheese select is clipped, but features thorough tasting notes and thoughtful accompaniments. The delicious Fourme D’ambert, a French blue cheese injected with sweet white wine during the ageing process, is paired with truffle honey and dates, while a herbaceous Spanish queso manchego comes with dried gala apple and the traditional quince paste pairing. Ask the helpful staff to match your gin, wine or cocktail accordingly – the wide gin selection, with varying tonic pairs, is equally as considered.

11-13 Leigh Street, Adelaide

The best cheese pizza

The margarita is a lesson in simplicity. Photo: Pizza e Mozzarella Bar/Facebook

The key to a good pizza, aside from simplicity, is top quality fior di latte cheese. Pizza E Mozzarella Bar, in the centre of Adelaide’s business hub on Pirie Street, takes both seriously. The margherita pizza is best in the city, cooked the traditional way into a scorchingly hot wood fire oven, but true cheese fiends can opt for the quattro formaggi, with taleggio, provolone and reggiano. Order the Napoletana buffalo mozzarella au natural as a side, or with simple accompaniments such as tomato and basil, or beef carpaccio with pickled green tomatoes as a starter.

33B Pirie Street, Adelaide

The best cheese-on-cheese experience

Raclette: now available to go on top of whatever you please. Photo: Godi La Vita/Instagram

The hardest decision to make at Godi La Vita is whether you’d like your pasta twirled in a wheel of DOP 18 month aged parmesan or pecorino before it hits your table. Soft ribbons of fettuccine make their way around the wheel with cream, field mushrooms, brandy and red wine and then twirled directly onto the plate. For an added hit of cheese, the pasta (and any other dish on the menu) can be upgraded with a scrape of melted raclette cheese for an additional $7.

162B King William Road, Hyde Park

The best dairy-free cheesecake

Sweet cheesecakes and options at Nagev. Photo: Instagram

What is arguable considered Adelaide’s best cheesecake doesn’t contain any cheese at all… at least not cow’s cheese. Nagev (‘vegan’ spelled backwards) started serving plant-based pastries, doughnuts, pies and savouries in 2016, and immediately challenged the norm around vegan thinking. The cheesecakes have become a signature dish, converting even the staunchest critics to consider vegan treats as flavourful and indulgent. Available in flavours such as peanut butter chocolate, salted caramel and cookies and cream, the Nagev cheesecake captures that perfect blend of sweet, tart and decadent creaminess without relying on dairy.

190 Payneham Road, Evandale

(Lead image: The Smelly Cheese shop’s ‘Thinking of Mum’ box. Photo: Smelly Cheese Shop. Lead image (horizontal): Soft cheese and accompaniments. Photo: Udaberri

Published 14 August, 2017