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The Luxury Eco-Friendly Grooming Guide

Better for both you and the environment.

We are now concerned with our wellness more than ever; and the movement towards natural, organic and ‘slow’ production has quickly gathered momentum across the globe. The booming health and wellness industries have also seen the rise of a more astute consumer, making more considered choices about what purchases they make.

With growing concern for what is being put in your body, it only makes sense that an equal level of care be taken in what is being put on your body too. Thankfully, the beauty industry isn’t short of natural and organic alternatives to all of your favourite beauty products. If your beauty cupboard could do with a bit of a ‘green’ clean, these 5 luxe beauty brands have got you covered.


From humble beginnings in a Melbourne hairdressing salon in 1987 to stores in over 50 countries, Aesop is now a skincare institution. If their simple-but-oh-so-uniform apothecary-style product packaging doesn’t grab your attention immediately, the unique architectural design of their stores will be sure to draw you in.

The brand aspires towards quality, discretion and restraint; and it is evident in every aspect of what they do. Aesop doesn’t bow to trends, only releasing new products as a response to genuine customer needs; and they choose to let the product and store designs quietly market themselves.

Although the products are not entirely natural formulations, Aesop’s man-made inclusions are ones that have been well-thought out. They source their ingredients from around the globe, before using contemporary technology and science to lift their products to a more high-end status.

Purposely minimalistic and completely gender neutral, Aesop products are the perfect inclusion in any household beauty cabinet.

Try:  Reverence Aromatic Hand Wash, a smoky, woody hand wash to add a touch of luxe to the kitchen or bathroom. ($40.00 for 500ml), or Aesop Roll-On Deodorant, suitable for both men and women; and available in normal or herbal scents ($35.00 for 50ml).

Josh Rosebrook

Focused on skin and hair care for both men and women, the Josh Rosebrook line cuts the frills and delivers pure, zero toxicity products.

Made in the US from certified organic, natural and wild-crafted ingredients, the line centers around the notion of calming and healing the skin and hair with active ingredients for it to regenerate to its full potential.

Packaged up with sleek monochromatic branding, the range would look at home on both his or her side of the vanity.

Try: For ladies, Lift Hair Texture and Volume, to add texture, volume and thickening with a matte finish. ($36.00 for 120ml). For the men, Balance Shampoo, to offset excessive oil and create some volume. ($50.00 for 240ml).

Honoré des Prés

Organic cologne may sound like an oxymoron, but Olivia Giacobetti and the team at Honoré des Prés have made it a reality. With an illustrious career working on fragrances with the likes of Hermès, Diptyque and Lubin, there was no better person to task with creating delicate, refined organic fragrances than Giacobetti.

Honoré des Prés sidesteps herbaceous, overtly natural fragrance and takes a big leap in to the same arena as the likes of Byredo and Hermès. Even their presentation sets them a head above the rest of the organic and natural market, presenting their bottles in takeaway coffee cups and vintage jam jars.

Certified organic by Ecocert, all Honoré des Prés fragrances are 100 percent natural, low irritant, phthalate free and without the addition of artificial colorings, petroleum derivatives and animal raw materials.

Try: Vamp A NY, a quirky, feminine scent with head notes of tuberose and rum, with heart notes of bourbon vanilla ($98 for 50ml), or Trip, a fresh, Mediterranean citrus scent with added spice from Philippines peppers ($84 for 50ml).


With packaging that is clean and minimalist by design, the YÜLI range lets the product inside do all the talking.

Founded by Yun Li – a New York based chemist – and her Silicon Valley educated team, YÜLI fuses the best parts of natural skincare with the advanced technology and innovation of science. The result? Pure, high performing skincare with no known irritants and little to no environmental impact.

Picking their botanicals and plant materials from sustainable farms right next door to the lab, the quality and freshness of YÜLI products is unsurpassed. YÜLI does away with synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates and GMOs, and instead packs in a stack of biologically active ingredients such as cold-pressed plant oils, bioferments, probiotics and powerful peptides.

Think of their product like superfood for your skin!

Try: For men, Mr. Incredible, a revolutionary 2-in-1 shave oil and serum hybrid that promises a smooth, clean shave while reducing irritation and disinfecting cuts ($68 for 30ml), and ladies, Cell Perfecto PM, advanced skin renewal serum for the treatment of scarring, pigmentation and sun damage ($152 for 30ml).

Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis is proof that ecologically and health conscious products need not compromise on quality and luxury.

Founded by Danish-born Kirsten Kjaer Weis, her namesake line of makeup fuses Danish minimalism with the larger than life New York City spirit. It is a high performing, luxury makeup line using only the highest quality certified natural or organic ingredients that also comply with international luxury beauty standards.

Although the product itself is the hero, the minimalist, luxury compacts imprinted with the Kjaer Weis logo aren’t far from the limelight. Made to be refilled time and time again, they are chic and eco-friendly.

From foundation to mascara, Kjaer Weis has a high quality option for even the most notoriously difficult of organic cosmetics to make.

Try: Cream foundation ($96, available in 14 different shades) and mascara ($55.00).

Published 21 February, 2018