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Distilleries Across Australia Are Now Making Top-Shelf Hand Sanitiser

As the spread of coronavirus cripples industries, stands down workers and weakens economies across the world, those in the hospitality industry have found themselves on the frontline, playing a crucial role in keeping society afloat.

But it hasn’t been by any means easy. To keep workers employed, restaurants have adapted their menu to only delivery and takeaway, bars have introduced to-go drinks and takeaway cocktail packs and, most creatively, alcohol producers have begun using their equipment to create items essential to curbing the spread of the virus.

From China’s baiju to Korea’s soju, they’ve banded together to focus on producing alcohol not just for consumption, but also to be used for antibacterial purposes. Not only that but a number of distilleries are now also using their chemical engineering skills to create a new, incredibly useful blend: hand sanitiser. In Australia, gin distilleries in particular have emerged as some of those most able to help out amid the crisis.

From some of Sydney’s slickest and boutique gin companies to big-name Australian liqueur makers, these are some of the best hand sanitisers coming out of distilleries.

Love Thy Neighbour by Mr Black and Distillery Botanica

Image: Mr Black / supplied

Founded in 2013, it didn’t take long for Mr Black’s top-grade arbica and wheat vodka coffee liqueur to become Australia’s go-to espresso martini additive. But in a time of crisis, it isn’t just coffee liqueur coming out of their factory.

The team recently joined forces with the Central Coast’s Distillery Botanica to produce hand sanitiser. Made with 80 per cent ethanol, Love Thy Neighbour is stronger than most market standard sanitisers.

Hand Sanitiser by Brix Distillery

Image: Brix Distillery / Facebook

Brix was born out of the idea that rum in Australia wasn’t given the credit it deserved. In order to showcase that they haven’t bottled the liqueur but mix it up in front of you at their Surry Hills distillery which soon became one the area’s much-loved bars. Like many distilleries helping out our frontline workers, Brix has created its own hand sanitiser.

It’s available in two packs of 300ml spray bottles or two 200ml hand sanitisers or in a larger refillable 700ml size. These are available for pick up from their distillery or online. Brix is also giving away a free bottle of hand sanitiser with every bottle of rum purchased.

Southern Wild Distillery

Hand Sanitiser

Image: Southern Wild Distillery / Facebook

Founded in 2017 by the way of a former food scientist with a passion for distilling, this Devonport, Tasmania distillery has turned heads and shaken others with its award-winning gin.

In the wake of the outbreak in the state, Southern Wild Distillery closed its tasting room and bar just over a week ago and was able to produce an incredible 800 litres of hand sanitiser in three days alone.

For now, the focus has been redirected from gin to hand sanitiser for aged care, schools and medical practices. They are working with the local government to bring in large supplies of ethanol for further production.

Prohibition Liquor Co

Since 2015 Prohibition Liquor Co has been at the forefront of Adelaidean hospitality, in fact, it was the first of its kind in the city. In the space of a few weeks it went from producing a few little bottles of sanitiser to supplying Emergency Service, SA Health and the South Australian Police.

One week bartenders were without work, the next they were back on the frontline making the jobs of the city’s civil servants possible. Their small-batch craft gin ranges from 42 per cent to 69 per cent and, best of all, each comes with free delivery and hand sanitiser.

Brookie’s Hand & Surface Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser

Image: Brookie’s / Facebook

Since late 2016 when a crowdfunding campaign was first launched, the Brook family who own Cape Byron Distillery, have made waves in northern New South Wales for their natural ingredient-focussed Brookie’s Gin.

Today, they’re putting their resources together to help out the pandemic, creating a 100 per cent vegan liquid hand sanitiser with ingredients including Mt Warning spring warner, vegetable glycerine, aloe vera, citrul oil and rainforest botanicals.

While it may sound almost edible, it isn’t, however, it will be incredibly useful in ensuring hygiene and cleanliness in a crucial time.

(Lead image: Prohibition Liquor Co / Facebook)

Published 02 April, 2020