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An Immersive Salvador Dali Exhibition Is Coming To Perth

No stranger to the outrageous and boundary-pushing concepts, the name Salvador Dali is synonymous with surrealism itself. One of the most controversial artists of his time, Dali cultivated exhibitionism and eccentricity in all his works, from the melting timepieces in The Persistence of Memory to the bizarre Lobster Telephone sculpture.

Some of Dali’s most iconic works will be showcased in a month-long exhibition at Metro City from January 19 to February 17, 2019 as part of the Perth’s Fringe World. The Dali Land exhibition, which marks the 30th anniversary of the artist’s death, spans four levels and features 200 of the artist’s drawings, sculptures, ceramics, films, photography. Sourced from all over the world, the chosen pieces paint a wider picture of the flamboyant artist.

“I have been lucky to work with many galleries and private collectors overseas and so many of them were really keen to help and lend pieces. Then there is a lot from my own personal collection that I have been working on for many years – original surrealist publications, prints, all sorts of things,” says Robert Burratti, owner of Burratti Gallery, a co-presenter of exhibition.

But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill art exhibition. Dali Land is an immersive experience, designed to take guests on a journey into the mind of the surrealist master.

“Partnering with the fringe festival allows us to expand more down different avenues. It allows us to shake up the whole experience of going to an art exhibition,” says Burratti.

The exhibition space will come alive each night with Dali After Dark, an immersive theatre experience presented by Briefs Factory. The experimental performance collective feature regularly at the Perth Fringe Festival.

“People will enter the space through the back door and be guided around the exhibition, taking the hidden corridors and stopping at different exhibits where the Briefs boys will put on an [on-the-spot] performance,” says Burratti.

Club Briefs – described as a “cult late night variety show and debaucherous disco after party” – kicks off at 9.30pm. From 10pm until 5am, the rooftop of Metro City will transform into the Surrealist Salon, complete with live music, burlesque, magic and comedy performances until the wee hours of the morning.

“You can get all sorts of different ‘surrealist’ cocktails and enjoy a view of the Perth city skyline,” says Burratti.

A secondary exhibition of surrealist works will run concurrently at Metro City. Unconscious Contemporary places historic surrealist works alongside contemporary surrealist and esoteric art. “There are a lot of iconic pieces from different surrealist artists that many people will recognise,” says Burrati, citing Andre Breton, Jean Cocteau and Man Ray, as well as works from Perth contemporary artists Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Stormie Mills and Katie Moore up close too.

A performance by UK singer Lily Allen and a series of exclusive and extravagant ‘Dali Dinners’ have also been scheduled as part of the exhibition.

Tickets to Dali Land are now on sale.

(Lead image: Portrait of Dali, Photo: Allan Warren / US Library of Congress)

Published 20 December, 2018