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Coinstart Founder James Stewart On The Best Aussie City For Start-Ups

The crypto-currency gun has some thoughts.

James Stewart, founder of Coinstart, is convinced Adelaide is “the best city in Asia Pacific for start-ups.”

The New Zealand native did some serious travelling for his first start-up,, a health app to help people quick smoking, and realised that it was a no-brainer to stay in South Australia to roll-out his new venture, Coinstart. The crypto-currency app offers online courses and personalised support for Australians wanting to get into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Alt-coins and other Cryptocurrencies.

In his quest to source funding for, James heard about an Initial Coin Offering ICO company, Patientory, which securely stores and manages health information on Blockchain.

coinstart james stewart start-ups adelaide

“They made approximately $9 million in a day which blew my mind,” James said.

“I started to look deeply into magical ICOs and learned of other great successes, like how ZRX increased by 1200% in less than six weeks,”

Stewart discovered the power of unlimited, quick appreciating tokens that are “becoming the new protocols of the internet.”

“Essentially, you can own a small part of the http, a piece of new radical technology – buying a token that’s used to run a company.”

James spent six months (and many late nights) sinking his teeth into this whole new currency concept. In doing so, he realised there was a huge technical barrier preventing so many people starting out. Almost every day, his friends, family and aquaintances would ask him: “How can I do it?”

coinstart james stewart start-ups adelaide

Knowing one-on-one mentoring wasn’t scalable, James paired up with his friend, Don Reddin (who was already a Bitcoin pro), and launched four-hour workshops.

The beginner’s course, Starter, is designed for people who know nothing about Cryptocurrencies, and gives them an understanding of Blockchain.

Then, there’s Fast Track, which helps people set up their exchanges and money tokens. From there, they offer personal Crypto-consultants for people who want to take it to the next level. As with an ever-evolving revolution like Cryptocurrencies, they too are constantly changing and creating new offerings.

Coinstart have become key players in Cryptocurrencies in Adelaide and Australia-wide.

“We have an extremely active Slack community with hundreds of members. It’s highly curated communication and we’ve started finding and advising big, high-level ICOs – one of them being a solution to manage Zimbabwe’s inflation.”

The duo has partnered with a marketing company, Made in Katana, who will help bring Coinstart interstate. They’ll be launching their courses in Sydney and Melbourne this year. But, James’ heart will always be with Adelaide and proudly announced plans that their first office will be at home.

“I just love it too much. I really can’t complain.”

When he’s not teaching people how to build their wealth through Cryptocurrencies, James is out and about, enjoying the city he loves the most.

The best place for a drink

coinstart james stewart start-ups adelaide

The Gallery Photo: Facebook

“Oh, this is a hard one. There’s so many to choose. But I’d have to say one of my favourites is The Gallery’s rooftop bar. In summer, that place is where it’s at.”

The best place for casual eats

Beach Bum Photo: Instagram

“I went to Beach Bum in North Adelaide the other night and loved it. It’s got this cool, tropical vibe, with a taco truck inside of the restaurant. Their sashimi style menu is what you want to go for, but it all looks amazing.”

The best coffee

Bar 9 Photo: Facebook

“I loved Bar 9 on Glen Osmond Road. These dudes pioneered the whole speciality coffee movement in Adelaide, years ago. There’s a new East Borough Eatery there now, but there are still two Bar 9’s in town – on Whitmore Square and in Rundle Mall.”

The best place for a special occasion

“Glenelg is my place. I love nothing more than just hanging out down there and going for a run along the beach. I’m really into fitness, so living close to the beach and being able to exercise outdoors is such a luxury to me, even today.”

The best thing to do for free

“In Adelaide, we’re blessed with an abundance of parks. If the weather is nice, I could easily spend the day cruising around the Adelaide Botanical Gardens. It’s so beautiful in there.”

The best hidden secret

“I don’t know if it’s exactly a secret anymore but I love Second Valley. That is one of my favourite places to go for a day trip. And I know I’m not alone in this one. The water, the cliff jumping, and the vibe is something really special.”

It’s safe to say that that this Kiwi is here to stay.



Published 29 January, 2018