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Jarrad Seng On Why Perth Is A Photographer’s Dream

The professional travel photographer and one-time Survivor contestant

Photographer, videographer, globetrotter, Survivor Series 2 alumni, musician and Steve Aoki look alike; Jarrad Seng seemingly has everything and more to his name.

Despite the long list of accolades, Seng knows that his place is in the world of photography. With the most impeccably curated Instagram gallery full of envy inducing travel photos, it is easy to see why Seng naturally found himself fall into a career of photography; even if it isn’t the musical career he sometimes wished he could have pursued.

Jarrad Seng On Travel Photographer And Competiting On Survivor From running his own photography workshops in the stark beauty of Iceland and shooting in the remote landscapes of the far north Kimberly, to capturing musicians Passenger and Angus and Julia Stone on tour, diversity in his craft is what keeps Seng ticking.

“It is a strength of mine to capture epic scenery or turn normal things into big things. But on the other end of it, another strength of mine is capturing very intimate things like musicians on tour, or portraits and things like that – which is not epic at all – and that is often why people hire me, especially musicians. The kind of feedback that I get from them is that I am capturing them in a way that other people haven’t been able to before, in a way that is quite human and intimate.”

That ability to identify and seek out human connection – be it his own connections or relationships between other people – isn’t just something Seng can capture so well, but it is also something that he prides himself on. His travels, and subsequent meetings and interactions are what has helped to fuel his illustrious career thus far.

“I try to be very open to meeting everybody, hearing new ideas and collaborating with lots of people,’ he said.

“What has ended up is that in nearly any city in the world that I go to, there will be someone cool to meet or something cool to do.”

Jarrad Seng On Travel Photographer And Competiting On Survivor

Despite the worldwide demand and endless location hopping required of his job, Seng loves nothing more than coming back to his hometown and base for some respite.


“I have always grown up on the west coast and I love Australia. I find it very stressful in the larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne. I love them and they are great to visit and go in guns blazing and have a good time; but when it comes to actually living, I think Perth is where it is at because it is much less stressful and I can be myself.

“It suits my personality and just having this home base – because a lot of what I do is super hectic and insane – I love coming back to this.”

When he isn’t living on a remote island for reality TV or on an international music tour, these are some of the spots Senglikes to frequent in the city he calls home.

The best places to go on an epic photography adventure

Jarrad Seng On Travel Photographer And Competiting On Survivor “A mini road trip to the sand dunes in Lancelin is always a favourite of mine. Or if you’re having a bad day, there’s nothing a Rottnest quokka selfie can’t fix. And – it’s cliché – but Kings Park is pretty lovely.”

The best coffee

Hush Espresso Photo: Facebook

“A few of my favourites are Hush Espresso, Gordon St Garage, Architects and Heroes, Telegram and Alex Hotel – but only when my girlfriend makes it.”

The best free activities

Hot Brown Honey at Fringe World Photo: Facebook

Fringe World over January and February is absolutely my favourite time to be in Perth and there’s plenty of stuff you can check out for free as well. Perth creative culture is really coming into its own and stuff like Fringe and Perth Festival are a huge part of it.”

The best places to catch some live music

“Some of my most cherished music experiences ever have been at the Fremantle Arts Centre; Damien Rice, oh my god! In terms of stunning backdrops, you can’t beat the sun setting behind the Red Hill Auditorium stage.

And for a quiet drink

“I am a big fan of Petition, Alfred’s Pizzeria, Strange Company, Odyssea and Henry Summer.”

(All images except where noted: Jarrad Seng) 

Published 24 January, 2018