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Five Opulent Sydney Experiences That Everyone Should Try Once

Charter a yacht (complete with in-built spa) around the harbour, take a seaplane to your lunch date, or go glamping overnight at Taronga Zoo. Sydney has no shortage of breath-taking experiences worth exploring.

Like any big city, Sydney has plenty of things to do, places to eat and drink, and sights to see to suit every budget. Lavish experiences, however, are something it does especially well. With its iconic landmarks, stunning harbours, and swanky hotels providing excellent backdrops, Sydney’s got countless opportunities to treat yourself and/or someone else in style.

From feasting on a gourmet meal aboard Luna Park’s Ferris wheel at sunset to swimming in The Langham’s opulent indoor pool after a spa treatment, these are the experiences we’ve deemed most worthy of splurging on.

Charter a boat

As visiting celebrities including Heidi Klum, Jay-Z and Beyonce, and Mariah Carey, can attest to, being on a boat is a superbly luxurious way to spend time in Sydney. For international stars, massive yachts are usually the hired vessel of choice, but if that isn’t an option for you, renting a smaller-sized boat or even a no-frills sailboat with one or two crew members will still allow for a fun and fancy time.

If you’re aboard during the day, you can coast past scenic harbours and secluded beaches to eventually anchor at a chosen spot. There, you can spend your afternoon grilling lunch, jumping in for a swim, or simply soaking up some rays. Boating at night tends to have slightly less of a casual vibe, and can see you cruising under the illuminated Harbour Bridge and past the iconic Sydney Opera House, popping a bottle of sparkling, and, maybe even watching some of the many fireworks displays happening around the city.

Fly in a seaplane

sydney luxury experiences

The ultimate view. Image: Sydney Seaplanes/Facebook

Sydney’s jagged coastlines and 100 plus beaches make for some pretty spectacular aerial views. Witnessing them by seaplanes once used to carry first-class mail and that can take off and land on water adds to the surreal experience.

Leaving from Rose Bay wharf, you can either do a quick scenic tour over Sydney highlights around Circular Quay or embark on a half-day package, which, in addition to the ride, also includes your choice of a meal at a waterfront restaurant, a guided tour of Sydney Opera House or, if you’re really in the mood for an extravagant time, an overnight stay at a ritzy Northern Beaches or Central Coast hotel.

 Pamper yourself at a spa  

sydney luxury experiences

The spa pool at Sydney’ Langham. Photo: Supplied

While it’s definitely possible to do every experience on this list by yourself, getting a spa treatment is by far the easiest to go at solo. Sydney’s got many lovely facilities to choose from, but the Day Spa By Chuan at five-star The Langham, in particular, takes relaxation to the next-level. Well, literally speaking, it takes it down a level – the spa’s on the hotel’s sub-basement level to ensure utmost serenity.

Every pampering treatment, including facials, massages and up to four hour-long day spa session packages, include complimentary use of a beautiful 20-metre indoor swimming pool lined with pale stone columns and, overhead, a star-dappled sky ceiling. You’ll emerge on street level feeling completely refreshed, reenergised, and ready to take on anything.

Dine on a Ferris wheel

sydney luxury experiences

Dine aboard Luna Park’s Ferris Wheel. Photo: The Deck Sydney

You’ve likely seen the big Ferris wheel at Luna Park before, but did you know it’s occasionally transformed into a make shift restaurant complete with custom-built tables and full place settings fitted into each carriage?

Called The Ferris Wheel Dining and held most Sunday evenings during the warmer months, the night kicks off at 6pm at nearby venue The Deck Sydney in Milsons Point with a glass of bubbles. From there, you’ll walk over to the wheel to board your private gondola for a three-course meal with matching wines, all served as the wheel rotates through sunset. You’ll then finish the night with tea or coffee back at The Deck.

Stay overnight at the Zoo

sydney luxury experiences

Roar and Snore accomodation. Photo: Taronga Zoo

Apes grunting, lions roaring, and elephants trumpeting are up there among the most unique noises you’ll ever find yourself waking up to. And, for the past few years, Taronga Zoo’s made that a possibility with their Roar & Snore overnight stay, which sees you sleeping not far from their animal enclosures in an area overlooking the Sydney skyline.

You’ll begin your evening with a guided tour of the zoo, up-close creature encounter, followed by a buffet dinner and a second excursion before finally retiring to your glamping-style tent. In the morning, there’s a full breakfast, third zoo walk-through, and, access to roam the exhibits and sit in on any animal shows in your own time for the remainder of the day.

(Lead image: Sydney Seaplanes/Facebook)

Published 07 November, 2017