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Six Of Sydney’s Most Sumptuous Gyms

Getting up to go to the gym early in the morning or summoning the energy to go after work can be brutal, to say the least. There’s the extra gear to lug, the sluggishness to beat and then comes the post-workout freshening up.

Thankfully, there are a number of places in Sydney that make tackling that last part a lot easier. These gyms not only get your endorphins going, but also, with the help of luxurious amenities and lavish surroundings, ensure you leave them feeling utterly pampered.

Want to know where to find such spots? Ahead, we round up six of our favourite luxury Sydney gyms.

Barry’s Bootcamp, Surry Hills

Still relatively new to Australia from the US, Barry’s Bootcamp is a high-intensity workout that combines treadmill running with a mixture of free-weights and bodyweight exercises in a red-tinted, night club-esque room.

The instructors are ridiculously fit and the music is incredibly motivating, but the best bit comes after your workout finishes. As you exit, you’ll be served cool, mint-scented towels on a platter and, in the changing rooms, you’ll find Oribe hair products and heavily-coveted Dyson Supersonic hairdryers.

Paramount Recreation Club, Surry Hills

luxury Sydney gyms

Image: Paramount Recreation Club / supplied

Paramount Recreation Club was inspired by the fitness studios of Los Angeles, and it shows. Its studio is airy and beautiful, with doors that slide completely open onto its rooftop space.

The Club’s workouts are based around three core pillars: movement, conditioning and strength. While you’ll find the usual suspects, Pilates, yoga, boxing and strength, it’s the Club’s signature Paramount Workout that’s a stand-out. 

Combining stabilisation warm-ups, strength training and aerobic conditioning, and finishing with Pilates and yoga-inspired movements, it’s guaranteed to deliver results.

Classes are limited to small groups and with trainers always attentive to form, the whole experience feels more like a private class with friends.

The Well, Bondi

luxury Sydney gyms

Image: The Well Bondi / supplied

Boutique wellness space The Well in Bondi is a favourite among the Eastern Suburbs set. The small but stunning space sits above a health food cafe by the same name.

Here, you’ll find a mix of classes: reformer Pilates, yoga, barre, group training, boxing and meditation. Head trainer Caroline Fitzgerald says classes are designed to leave you feeling strong, sweaty and confident, and ready to face the day ahead.

Bright white changing rooms with marble showers and organic toiletries from Perfect Potion, not to mention a steam room, provide calming spaces to unwind after any exertion.

Humming Puppy, Redfern

luxury Sydney gyms

Image: Humming Puppy / supplied

Though not strictly a gym,  Humming Puppy is still deserving of a mention. Though its studio space and indulgent amenities make it pretty special, its pièce de résistance is a specialised ‘hum’ that washes over students as they stretch.

Created by a leading acoustic engineer, the sound harnesses a combination of frequencies, resulting in a ‘grounding’ effect and stimulation of ‘Gamma’ brainwave activity. 

After a strong but meditative flow, yogis can relax in the studio’s lounge area, sipping complimentary herbal tea and coconut water. Waterfall showers, black sink fixtures and Aurora Spa products feature in the bathroom.

A Squad Called Savage, Potts Point

luxury Sydney gyms

Image: A Squad Called Savage / supplied

Headed up by expert trainer Justin Savage, A Squad Called Savage in Potts Point features a roster of classes based around three major areas: box, shred and lift. Classes are challenging – or savage, if you will – but will leave you fatigued and sore, in the best possible way.

If you can still manage to lift your arms to wash your hair, treat yourself to Aesop products in the showers. The brand’s lovely-smelling Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser is available to use too.

Hustle Boxing, Potts Point

One of the newest in the luxury Sydney gyms scene, Hustle Boxing, the brainchild of well-known trainers Daniel Conn and Ellice Whichello, is already a hit among those in the area looking to pack a punch.

Classes alternate between boxing drills on a bag and functional training, and are designed for both training newbies and vets. Forms and combinations are shown on TV screens, helpfully, the trainers run through drills too.

Ashley & Co amenities, GHD hair straighteners and Dyson Supersonic hair dryers can be found in the upstairs changing rooms.

(Lead image: Barry’s Bootcamp / supplied) 

Published 06 September, 2019