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Melbourne’s Most Luxurious Cocktails

Lavish cocktails are always a treat, something to indulge in when the moment’s right. And we’re not just talking about your standard piña colada or dirty martini. We’re talking about cocktails with showy demonstrations, rare ingredients and jaw-dropping price tags.

Fortunately for Melburnians, menus across the city offer such drinks. Here are Melbourne’s most luxurious cocktails:

The Penicillin

Seamstress Restaurant and Bar

Melbourne's most luxurious cocktails

Image: Seamstress / supplied

The Penicillin, invented by Sam Ross of Attaboy in New York, makes quite the entrance when served. It’s been on Seamstress’ cocktail list for over a decade, withstanding the test of time and gaining a rightful spot on our list of Melbourne’s most luxurious cocktails.

This vintage cocktail is whipped together with blended Scotch whisky and a splash of Islay single malt whisky. It’s shaken with lemon, honey syrup, and spicy ginger juice then poured into a glass to present you with a New York-style treat.

The intimate setting of Seamstress makes sipping this modern classic worth your while. 

The H.S.L. Special

Above Board

Melbourne's most luxurious cocktails

Image: Above Board / supplied

Above Board is a place you go when you want an outstanding cocktail.

Head bartender and part-owner, Hayden Lambert, doesn’t stock the bar with your typical spirits, rather he goes above and beyond to find the best of the best for his exclusive cocktail list.

The H.S.L. Special stands out as Amaro Montenegro, Creme de Mure, lime juice, sugar, and a dash of Absinthe is shaken and slowly poured over ice. It’s enjoyed in a stumpy, round glass and garnished with a blackberry.

Above Board only seats 12 around a large island bar meaning the cocktails really are the centre of attention. 

Recharging of Odinforce 

Mjølner Melbourne

Melbourne's most luxurious cocktails

Image: Mjølner Melbourne / supplied

Put your Viking helmet on and step into the Norwegian-themed restaurant and speakeasy Mjølner. The drinks and food menu is very much influenced by Norse mythology, which you’ll notice with items like ‘Thor’s Favourites’ and ‘Sharpening the Axe’.

After enjoying a unique dining experience on the first floor, walk downstairs to the basement, which opens up into a dimly lit cocktail bar. Order the Recharging of Odinforce, made with Davidson plum infused Auchentoshan American Oak whiskey, Aperol, Rosella flower grenadine, pineapple, passionfruit, and overproof rum.

This fruity and boozy drink is shaken and poured into a tiki glass. So who’s Odin and why does he need a tropical vacation? In Norse mythology, he’s the one-eyed god of wisdom, poetry, and death. Odin’s job is draining so this drink was created to help him recharge his batteries. 

French Quarter

The Waterslide Bar

Melbourne's most luxurious cocktails

Image: The Waterslide Bar / supplied

If you’re in the mood to enjoy a cheeky drink along the Yarra River with gorgeous views of the city then consider a night out at The Waterslide Bar.

Take a seat at the horseshoe-shaped bar and open the menu to find the ‘Handbook of Cocktails’. After reading through ‘The Waterslide Bar’s Guide To Life’, which includes ‘don’t be a d*ck’ and ‘the bartender is always right’, make your way to the São Paulo Sour.

This is a zesty upgrade of the classic pisco sour, garnished with flower petals and a slice of passionfruit. You’ll taste a kick of passionfruit that transports you to the beaches of Brazil.

The Silk Road Healer 

Lily Blacks

Melbourne's most luxurious cocktails

Image: Lily Blacks / supplied

Lily Blacks has made a name for itself as being a superior cocktail venue tucked away in one of Melbourne’s laneways. The pre-prohibition setting is reflected in its fine drinks.

The menu provides an illustrative guide to each cocktail, for instance, an umbrella means the drink is dry, dumbells mean it’s strong, and a stack of money means it’s rich in flavour.

The Silk Road Healer is made with Nusa Caña Rum, Amaro Nonino, rhubarb juice, rhubarb shrub, Shanghai rhubarb bitters, and garnished with Chrysanthemum and Gypsophila flowers. It has a sweet and sour taste that’ll make your taste buds dance like it’s the ’20s.  


The Everleigh

Melbourne's most luxurious cocktails

Image: The Everleigh / Facebook

The Everleigh has made a big name for itself in the sphere of fine drinking. It made The World’s 50 Best Bars in 2013 and 2014 with its standout cocktail being the classic Negroni.

High quality, sweet vermouth is stirred with traditional London dry gin, bitter Campari and a splash of water. The blood orange drink is poured over a block of ice supplied by The Everleigh’s own venue Navy Strength Ice Co, then garnished with an orange slice.

Bartenders are meticulous in preparing and serving each drink – you can expect a lavish experience at this golden-era style bar. If you want to share Negronis with your family back home, you can buy it by the bottle thanks to The Everleigh Bottling Co.

(Lead image: The H.S.L. Special from Above Board / supplied)

Published 25 July, 2019