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Leaders In Luxury The Ritz-Carlton Launch First-Ever Yacht Collection

Ever the leader in luxury on land, The Ritz-Carlton has expanded its horizons, well, to the horizon, with the launch of its very own line of lavish cruising yachts. The first of three ships in The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection – Evrima – sets sail this year.

Her maiden voyage will cover territory previously uncharted, as never before has a hotel operator made a foray into the cruise industry.

Taste testing French wine from a renowned vineyard in Bordeaux with the yacht collection’s personal sommelier; learning the process of growing baby oysters at a private farm in France’s coastal town, Sete; joining a private sea kayak expedition off the coast of Iceland, or an exclusive tour of a Portuguese museum with its curator.

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

These are merely a taste of excursions available to guests setting sail with the multinational hotel company.

The Ritz-Carlton Global Brand Leader Lisa Holladay says the itineraries and intimate shore experiences are not only unique and forward thinking in design, but illustrate the company’s commitment to provide rare opportunities for today’s discerning traveller.

“Combining The Ritz-Carlton’s unparalleled service with journeys specifically created to offer immersion into the culture of the destination, the yacht collection will set a new standard in sea travel and redefine the yachting experience,” she says.

Evrima, a word of Greek origin that means ‘discovery’, breaks down any historic stereotypes that travelling by cruise will compromise on giving guests a taste of the authentic culture of destinations that await.

Measuring 190m long and accommodating up to 298 passengers, the yacht is intimate enough to call at unique locations typically not accessible to large cruise ships, from Italy’s Portofino to St. Barth’s in the Caribbean and the old town of Cartagena, Colombia.

Not one kitschy casino or predictable theatre is to be found onboard the yacht collection. Instead, guests can enjoy uniquely curated destination experiences that allow genuine insight into the lives of locals, like collaborations with chefs, musicians and artists. There’s even a ‘Concierge Ashore’ available to help craft a bespoke experience on land.

Itineraries are designed to not repeat the same ports back-to-back. Yachts will follow the sun; port hopping around the Mediterranean and throughout the Greek Isles and the French Riviera.

Guests can disembark and wander charming laneways in Puerto Rico, explore the British Virgin Islands and Barbados, before venturing north to absorb the autumnal beauty of New England and Eastern Canada. Reservations are open for next year with the yacht collection even available for private charter.

But the fun doesn’t cease as the yacht pulls away from port. In fact, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection Chief Executive Douglas Prothero would argue that it has only just begun. “The distinct design of the yacht collection places us in a new space within the industry, where the vessel is a destination in and of itself,” he says.

It won’t come as a surprise to those privy to The Ritz-Carlton brand that no stone has been left unturned in the execution of the yacht collection. Evrima features 149 spacious suites all complete with a private terrace and floor-to-ceiling windows, several innovative loft suites including unique two-story accommodation ideal for in-suite entertaining, a signature Ritz-Carlton Spa, expansive decks, an infinity pool, among so much more.

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

“The design of our inaugural yacht and exceptional suites has been a collaborative effort and one that I am particularly excited about as we were able to envision and build a yacht from the ground up that will deliver an unparalleled guest experience,” Prothero says.

The interior spaces, by Tillberg Design of Sweden in collaboration with The Ritz-Carlton, boast a residential feel with suite design inspired by the sleek and contemporary look of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Miami Beach and Los Angeles.

Poised to be one of the many highlights aboard are the ten distinct dining experiences, including a concept restaurant by acclaimed chef Sven Elverfeld of the three Michelin-starred Aqua at The Ritz-Carlton, Germany. The intimate 28-seated space presents a five-course culinary journey paired alongside fine wines and champagne.

“The culinary offerings on board Evrima play an integral role in placing The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection in a league of its own,” Prothero says. “Offering ten different dining experiences is not only impressive for a yacht of our size, but gives us more opportunities to connect with guests, and to create immersive journeys they will remember for a lifetime.”

Owner and Executive Project Director of Tillberg Design of Sweden Fredrik Johansson says the yacht intends to make guests feel like the world is their oyster.

“The inaugural vessel is designed to reflect this emotion by making guests feel as though they are onboard their own private yacht,” he says. “It evokes the feeling of freedom and the ability to go where you want in the world, at your own pace.”

(All images: The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection / supplied. Renderings are artistic concepts. All features, plans and specifications are subject to change without notice)

Published 09 March, 2020