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Into The Wild: Whisky And Wilderness On Satellite Island

Tasmania’s Satellite Island is like no other place on earth. Here is an other worldly destination home to rugged sea cliffs, an ancient rock shelf, native wildlife and bush, pebbled beaches and sunny coves.

Privately owned by Kate and Will Alstergren, the island is just 25 minutes south of Hobart by seaplane. It was once home to Will’s uncle Ian Alstergren, who was drawn to its unspoilt wilderness. Satellite Island was Ian’s artistic muse, often inspiring his writing, painting and poetry.

Satellite Island

Guests can reach Satellite Island in 25 minutes by seaplane from Hobart. Image: supplied

Today, the island remains pristine in all corners. A visit here is like travelling to the end of the world where time stands still. It’ll set you back $1950 a night for two guests, with a minimum stay of two nights (additional adults are $300pp per night). A small price to pay for total seclusion.

Talisker Satellite Island

Satellite Island is home to the Summer House and the Boat House, and can sleep up to a total of eight adults. Image: supplied

Beyond the raw allure of Satellite Island, you’ll find edible sea treasures galore such as oysters, abalone, octopus and salmon. Guests can enjoy freshly prepared fare courtesy of one of the island’s closest friends, Sarah Glover, whose food philosophy is anchored in resourcefulness and cooking out in the open with natural ingredients. Through her culinary adventures, Glover encourages guests to stop and appreciate the incredible tastes, sights and sounds offered by the island and beyond.

Talisker Satellite Island

Smoke-crusted pears candied in Talisker Whisky. Image: supplied

Talisker Satellite Island

As guests of Talisker Whisky, and with Sarah as our private chef for the day, we were treated to the island’s culinary delights. Upon arrival, we gathered around the open fire to enjoy a Talisker Campfire Hot Chocolate complete with homemade marshmallows. Next up, owner Kate guided us along the Cliff Walk before reaching Last Glimpse Point where we indulged wild oysters fire cooked with Talisker Skye Single Malt Whisky butter and ocean water venison broth.

A feast for the senses awaited us following our descent and arrival back at Satellite Island’s picturesque Boat House. Here, we were served an assortment of goodies from trout on a log stuffed with lemon and celery leaves, octopus, miso butter potatoes, hearty mushrooms, salads of all varieties, and ocean water-poached abalone. We washed this back with two Talisker Whisky cocktails — including one with a dash of sea water — before retiring to the open fire for dessert.

Talisker Satellite IslandTalisker Satellite Island

Whether you’re looking to escape the nine-to-five grind or simply yearning to reconnect with nature, Satellite Island has you covered. It’s an island off an island that offers total seclusion in a setting that encourages you to disconnect from the intricacies of everyday life. We’ll see you there.

The writer travelled to Satellite Island courtesy of Talisker Whisky.

Published 01 July, 2019