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Adelaide Hills Distillery Launches 78 Degrees Sunset Gin

The new craft gin from Adelaide Hills Distillery may be jovial in colour, but don’t let that fool you – this is one serious gin.

78 Degrees Sunset Gin is the latest exceptional small-batch spirit to come from the boutique distillery, and can be found in all good bottle stores from July 1. It’s made with Australian botanicals like strawberry gun, bush apple, juniper and rosella, and given its vibrant pink hues, reminiscent of a stunning sunset over the Adelaide skyline, it can’t be missed.

“Sunset gin is an interesting one,” says Tobias Kline, co-founder of Adelaide Hills Distillery. “It’s pink when you look at it, but it will actually change colours over time to reveal purplish and orange hues. Sunset gin really does morph into the colour tones you get in a sunset.”

The new gin is borne out of Adelaide Hills’ ethos of experimentation and pursuit of quality. Plus, it’s landed at a near-perfect time – from gin scented candles to personalised gin recipes at Archie Rose, our enthusiasm for the juniper berry spirit has never been higher.

“The last few years we’ve seen a real shift towards quality products, so we’re excited to embark on this journey of making a craft pink gin and strengthening our spirit offering in this category,” says Kline. This gin also adds another consumption occasion into our portfolio, as 78 Degrees Sunset Gin is perfect for drinking during the day as a more floral and spice option, as well as ideal for sundowner sips.”

And then, of course, there’s the colour. ‘Pink Gin’ was originally a cocktail most famously drunk by Queen Victoria in the 1800s; in 2018, it’s a quite different beast, spurred on in no small part by the Millennial pink-craze. Recognising the colour for what it is (the prettiest ever), makers like Gordon’s, Antipodes and Edgerton have released pre-bottled, pink-tinged gins, because who doesn’t want to drink pink?

Adelaide Hills Distillery’s point of difference is scale. As a small batch spirit-maker, Kline and co-founder Sacha La Forgia pride themselves on consistency and quality at every step of the distilling process. “We’ve continued to keep sustainability at the forefront,” Kline says. “By using our 78-degree distillation process, which involves individually vaporising every ingredient to achieve consistency and creates a gin similar to a rosé wine rather than being overly juniper heavy.”

Flavour-wise, 78 Degrees Sunset Gin is leafy, herbaceous, and floral due to the strawberry gum and Rosella, with the juniper adding notes of fresh pine. These tasting notes, particularly those leant from the strawberry gum, make the gin perfectly suited for classic drinks like gin and tonic.

“We love drinking gin and tonics made with 78 Degrees Sunset gin,” Kline says. “Mix strawberry gum with tonic and everything comes alive.”

He also recommends using 78 Degrees Sunset to make a Ramos pink gin fizz, and a “sexy looking” pink martini, made with Adelaide Hills Distillery Dry Vermouth. And while it may look like summer in a glass, Kline assures us it’s an all-year-round kind of drink.

“It’s a very serious gin,” he says. “You can drink it any time.”

One thing’s for sure: if pink gin is good enough for The Queen, it’s good enough for us.

Find 78 Degrees Sunset Gin in bottle stores from July 1. Want a head start? Jump to the Adelaide Hills Distillery website to register for pre-orders.

Published 22 June, 2018