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Face Facts: Five Of Sydney’s Best Mens Facials

Whatever your skincare woe, a targeted facial can yield far greater results than your bathroom cabinet moisturiser ever could. After all, just like your car, your face needs a regular MOT. And if you ever want to banish those bumps and blemishes, or wipe out those wrinkles, then a professional facial is key.

For the fairer sex, regular trips to the spa are a grooming staple, yet blokes are still taking time to get in on the act. However, given that male skin is coarser, has larger pores, is more inclined to sun damage, and has to contend with being shaved on a regular basis; men actually need regular facial pampering way more than women.

So, do yourself a favour and read on for our roundup of Sydney’s top five facials for men – your skin will thank you for it.

Ultraceuticals Facial, Face Of Man

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Image: Face Of Man / supplied

Voted by “GQ” as the best men’s salon in Sydney, Face of Man’s Ultraceuticals Facials is the result of a partnership with leading homegrown skincare brand, Ultraceuticals (a brand where active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and AHAs come as standard) and the award-winning CBD-based men’s spa.

With a strong focus on scientifically-backed, effective products, the hour-long individually customised treatment incorporates potent active ingredients to treat key skin concerns including premature skin ageing, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dehydration and congested skin.

Realising that cleansing is even more important for men than women due to higher testosterone levels – which equates to higher levels of oil production that can clog pores leading to blackheads and pimples – the facial begins off with a step-by-step process of deep cleansing, including exfoliation, steam, and extractions.

Next comes a targeted facial mask to help correct imbalances and absorb excess oil. And while the mask works its magic you’re pampered with a relaxing massage. Lastly, the skin is loaded up with a delivery of anti-oxidant and vitamin-rich serums. Hello, fresher, healthier and younger-looking skin.

The Godfather, Spa Q

mens facials

Image: Spa Q / supplied

Wonder where Sydney’s male elite go to stay looking red carpet ready? Introducing QT hotel’s SpaQ. The go-to for VIP gents, this hidden designer spa in the heart of the CBD is a grooming Mecca.

There’s an array of treatments and spa packages, but for time-poor city slickers the signature 60-minute Godfather facial is a firm favourite. A multi-action restorative treatment created specifically for blokes, it’s designed to reduce pigmentation and wrinkles caused by sun damage, enhance skin firmness and elasticity, lifts and firm the skin around the eyes, and help to diminish lines and wrinkles.

Incorporating vitamin C to penetrate to reduce signs of ageing and stimulate collagen production, the ingenious facial includes a deep cleanse and exfoliation, massage and specially selected mask to address specific needs, followed by a final hit of hydration to leave you looking dapper.

Add to this an inclusive session in the spa’s hammam steam and ice room, and you have the ultimate in inner-city pampering.

Help Me Hydrate, Ella Bache, David Jones

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Image: Ella Bache / supplied

One of the world’s oldest skincare companies, Ella Bache has been a grooming staple since the 1930s, and now the cult brand have opened a brand new salon within David Jones catering to workers looking for a facial pick-me-up during their lunch hour, or after clocking off. And for men who are suffering from shaving sensitivity, the Help Me Hydrate treatment is a godsend.

Already a cause of dryness and dehydration, shaving foams often exacerbate the problem with alcohol, which can further sensitise and dehydrate the skin alongside increasing the likelihood of ingrown hairs.

This targeted facial replenishes moisture levels with hyaluronic acid, skin-plumping massage and regeneration mask to visibly refine and revive skin texture. An added LED booster helps to calm, soothe and regenerate cellular function and to promote skin hydration levels and eliminate sensitivity. Post-facial, skin is left ultra-hydrated, plumped and revitalised with an instantly brighter complexion.

DMK Signature Enzyme Therapy, Ariel Beauty Club

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Image: Ariel Beauty Club / supplied

Born in California decades ago, DMK Enzyme Therapy has gone on to take the beauty world by storm.

Working with the body’s own chemistry this treatment is a detox in facial form. Drawing out skin nasties through a “reverse osmosis” process whereby debris, toxins, waste and free radicals are removed by using the body’s own lymphatic system. In short, dead skin cells are flushed away and then rebuilt, collagen production is stimulated and enzymes strengthen your skin’s natural barrier.

A deep exfoliation (designed to plump up the skin to its peak condition) is at the cornerstone of the facial, which is followed by a tightening mask. Lasting 105 minutes all up, the comprehensive treatment results in healthier, younger-looking skin with even stubborn conditions such as acne, rosacea and pigmentation, lessened.

Dualmode Fractional Laser Resurfacing, Infinity Skin

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Image: Infinity Skin / supplied

The grandaddy of facial treatments, if you’re after serious – and we mean serious – results, then this is the treatment for you. Premature ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, congestion, open pores, acne scars, sun damage, skin tone, pigmentation, and even pre-cancerous sun damage; you name it, this cutting edge medical treatment fixes it.

The Dualmode Fractional Laser Resurfacing (yep, it’s a mouthful) is the jewel in the crown of Infinity Skin’s state-of-the-art range of treatments. Named best medi-spa (so-called because of its medical-grade offerings) in NSW by Vogue, the impressive clinic has outlets in both Mosman and Surry Hills.

Renowned as the best laser to improve skin texture, it works by using controlled micro-injuries to the skin, which forces the skin to repair, regenerate and produce a load of skin-plumping collagen in the process.

mens facials

Image: Infinity Skin / supplied

Kicking off with a super-professional skin analysis the laser settings are then tailored to individual needs – different wavelengths specifically target concerns such as wrinkles or acne scarring in deeper layers, or brown age spots, tone and texture, which are more superficial. A topical numbing cream is applied to the skin one hour prior to the laser and afterward a soothing and hydrating mask helps to calm the skin.

But beauty comes at a bit of a price – there’s some downtime involved. With a red and swollen face, you’ll likely need to lie low for a few days until it subsides and your skin peels off to reveal a 10-years-younger you.

One week on from the procedure and the new skin is revealed, complete with smaller pores, an infinitely more even complexion, and a reduction in wrinkles. And the best bit? The collagen production continues for several months post-treatment, so you’re guaranteed a complexion that just keeps getting better.

Now, take a look in the mirror, and bask in your newly glowing, youthful-looking skin.

(Lead image: Face of Man / supplied) 

Published 16 October, 2019