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Stunning Sydney Nature Spots Ideal For Date Night

From breathtaking walks and thundering waterfalls, Sydney’s stunning nature spots provide dreamy alternatives for date night.

Sydney’s not short on stunning nature spots. So, when it comes to finding a new place for date night, you’ve got no excuse.

From breathtaking walks and thundering waterfalls and harbour beaches, the city’s natural scenery provides dreamy alternatives to the usual routine venues of restaurants and bars.

Read on for our top picks for the most romantic Sydney nature spots for date night.

Strickland House

sydney nature spots

Strickland House in Vaucluse overlooks Milk Beach. Image: John Spencer

Not many know about the gorgeous, 19th-century estate in Vaucluse that is Strickland House. Set atop a sloping green lawn that spills into harbour-facing Milk Beach, the heritage-listed building boasts some of the most spectacular views in Sydney.

The 19th-century estate boasts some of the best views in Sydney. Image: Destination NSW

Bring your bathers for a quick dip in Milk Beach’s calm waters and a picnic to enjoy afterward on the grass. Time your visit for sunset, and you’ll be treated to a colourful sky display.

Hermitage Foreshore Walk

sydney nature spots

Queens Beach on the Hermitage Foreshore Track, Vaucluse. Image: Destination NSW

If you didn’t drive directly to Strickland House, chances are you took the Hermitage Foreshore Walk. The walk starts in Nielsen Park and snakes along the coastline to Rose Bay. Pass beaches, bays, and parks, choosing where to stay a little longer.

The entire track is 8kms and would take four hours to walk, so pick the section you’d like to stroll beforehand.

Wendy’s Secret Garden

sydney nature spots

Visit Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden hidden in Lavender Bay at golden hour. Image: supplied

Another secret Sydney spot perfect for a date night is Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden in Lavender Bay on the lower North Shore. Hidden among the Lavender Park Parklands, the garden doesn’t have any signs pointing to it, but luckily does show up on Google Maps.

It’s free to enter at any time and isn’t known to get too busy. Head here at golden hour, and you’ll be rewarded with magical sights of the sun’s ray glinting through the dense trees.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk

sydney nature spots

The coastal hike on the Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk allows for sweeping views of Palm Beach. Image: Destination NSW

Want to start date night a little earlier and, instead, do a day trip? Consider heading up to Palm Beach for lunch at The Boat House followed by a hike up to Barrenjoey Lighthouse.

Weaving through bush and coming out to clearings with dramatic beach views, the 2.2km loop trail takes about an hour-and-a-half to complete. Break up the trip with a look around heritage-listed Barrenjoey Lighthouse at the top.

Collins Flat Beach

sydney nature spots

Collins Flat Beach can be found between North Head and Little Manly Cove. Image: John Yurasek

Nestled between North Head and Little Manly Cove is Collins Flat Beach, and not far from it Collins Beach Waterfall. The secluded nook makes for an idyllic setting for a date night.

Despite being minutes from the hustle and bustle of Manly, the beach is quiet with calm waters. Pack a hamper and blanket, and soak in the views.

Mahon Pool

sydney nature spots

Mahon Pool sits at the north end of Maroubra Beach at the base of Jack Vanny Reserve. Image: Destination NSW

Though not entirely a natural setting as it’s man-made, Mahon Pool more than deserves a mention. The rockpool sits at the north end of Maroubra Beach at the base of Jack Vanny Reserve, out in the ocean and against crashing waves.

Like most of the spots on this list, it’s at its best when visited at sunset so slip in the water before then to see the sky turn pink and blue.

(Lead image: Queens Beach on the Hermitage Foreshore Track, Vaucluse / image: Destination NSW) 

Published 11 February, 2019