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Exploring Innovation At Sydney’s Semi Permanent Design Festival

Creative tension is essential for those ‘light bulb’ moments of inspiration — and for conceiving bright, big-impact ideas that matter in today’s world. Exploring these ideas of tension and breakthrough is Semi Permanent, the annual design festival, on from May 24-26.

“Once again we’ll be giving you the skills to adapt in an ever-evolving environment with some of the best and brightest minds we’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting, not to mention the workshops, installations, screenings, drinks, food, sound and light our audience has come to expect from us,” says Murray Bell, Semi Permanent’s founder, director and curator.

For anyone interested in the incredible role that design plays in our lives, it’s a must-see with a range of talks, panel discussions, installations and workshops at Carriageworks. The festival comes as part of Sydney’s Vivid Ideas programme, and features a stellar line-up that includes leading figures from the international design scene. With so many exciting and thought-provoking events spread over three days, we’ve picked four highlights to add to your schedule.

Future State: Music, Sport and Food

If you’re the most concerned about rising sea levels as a result of climate change, perhaps it’s time to turn your attention to the food crisis. Experts are predicting that we’ll starve before we drown, and worldwide, over a billion people already are. The Future State: Food panel will include Caroline Choker and Vince Alafaci from creative agency ACME; Stuart Brookshaw, head of special projects at Deliveroo; and Ramona Telecican, a Vice MUNCHIES producer. It’s time to get informed about how we can tackle food waste and confront sustainability issues.

How to redesign National Geographic

Patrick Godfrey and Scott Dadich of Godfrey Dadich Partners Photo: SuppliedOne of the world’s most successful and recognisable titles, National Geographic, recently underwent a bold new redesign. With the latest issue to hit the stands (featuring Pablo Picasso on the cover), the magazine will now include even more visual essays, in-depth features and a fresh design to lift its stunning photography.

Emmet Smith, Creative Director for National Geographic Partners, and design agency, Godfrey Dadich Partners, will discuss their work for the redesign. Smith oversees National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler magazines, as well as National Geographic Books. He’ll be discussing the work that goes into producing the visual narratives that National Geographic is known for, as well as its refreshing new visual identity. Godfrey Dadich Partners is made up of Patrick Godfrey and Scott Dadich, who were especially involved in typography for the redesign, including the creation of two brand-new typefaces.

The Mind Gamers Experience

Sebastian Tellier, Daniel Stricker and John Kirby AKA The Mind Gamers Photo: Supplied

If you haven’t experienced the surreal fun that is Virtual Reality (VR), then add The Mind Gamers Experience straight to the top of your bucket list. Presented in collaboration with Facebook, this VR experience will transport you on a journey that’s sure to be a sensory thrill — just pop on a headset and see for yourself.

The Mind Gamers Experience presents the new song “Come to America” by the music supergroup Mind Gamers (made up of French singer Sebastian Tellier, Daniel Stricker of Midnight Juggernauts fame, and John Kirby, who has travelled as a keyboard musician with the likes of Solange and Cypress Hill). It’s an immersive way to experience music, taking place in the tracks at Carriageworks. Still not convinced? The Mind Gamers Experience is a world first, using Facebook’s revolutionary new technology Oculus Go.

David Campbell, Mona

The Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) holds an important place in Australia’s art scene. It’s a pretty special and playful place to visit, and it’s been hugely successful in delighting, irritating and confusing audiences — sometimes all at once. As its website says: “Mona: a museum, or something. In Tasmania, or somewhere. Catch the ferry. Drink beer. Eat cheese. Talk crap about art. You’ll love it.”

For this talk, Mona’s Senior Designer, David Campbell will teach you how to stir audiences and use design to provoke contemplation. Campbell has been with Mona for most of its seven years, and has created exhibition identities for big-name — and provocative — artists such as Marina Abramović and Christoph Büchel. He also oversees design concepts for Mona’s activities and books. Campbell is a big believer that design should always be honest, and evoke a wide range of reactions from the viewer. How is this achieved? Grab a seat at Campbell’s talk, and learn from one of the best.

Published 08 May, 2018