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The Beach House Getaway Just Two Hours From NYC

For most New Yorkers, heading ‘Out East’ generally implies a weekend-long getaway on Long Island’s South Fork, AKA, the Hamptons. However, for those in-the-know, hitting Long Island’s North Fork can actually provide a much more versatile (and authentic) getaway.

From local wineries to produce farms to seafood restaurants as far as the eye can see, when it comes to hitting the North Fork, there’s truly something for everyone. And what better place to stay than a luxurious Beach House?

The Lin first opened its doors in May of 2018. “The aesthetic of the Beach House came from a collection of the owners’ favourite beach communities around the world,” says Paul Monahan, one of The Lin’s core founders.

The Lin Beach House

“We all found ourselves searching for an escape and gravitating towards beach communities. The minimal design features, the colors and the subtle quietness brings instant decompression, which I think is something everyone looks for when they stay away from their everyday hustle.”

The Lin is comprised of six oversized guest rooms, each equipped with an on-site private bathroom. “We kept all of the fixtures in the bathrooms as we found them – Victorian claw foot tubs, high tank pull toilets, extravagant hanging chandeliers,” says Monahan. Each room has a king-sized bed, 5-metre-high ceilings and custom windows.

All rooms are located on the perimeter of the building, which allows for ample natural sunlight during different parts of the day. Best of all? “There are no televisions on property, not even in the bar downstairs!” exclaims Monahan. At The Lin, unplugging and decompressing has never been easier.

The service

Monahan explains that the group collectively decided to provide minimal amenities at The Lin, as there is so much to be explored outside of the Beach House.

“We take great pride in being a place to rest your head after you have fallen in love with the North Fork, like we have,” he says.

The Lin has ‘invisible’ service, meaning no check-in/check-out process. Access to the property is all digital, with personal codes messaged day of check in. “We purposely kept the very spacious rooms with little assets, but a very comfortable bed, so you can go out and enjoy the backdrop,” says Monahan.

The cocktail bar

On the weekends, The Lin’s cocktail bar (Days Like These) is open from 5pm to midnight, and their bottle shop is open on Saturdays from 1pm to 6pm. “Here, you can taste some of the custom spirits and innovation that our sister property Matchbook Distilling Company has created,” says Monahan.

“The focus at Days Like These is escapism, discussion, and drinking what you feel like right this moment,” says Monahan, noting that the bar was designed with low energy vibe in mind. Dimly lit candles are the main source of light, and local plants and agriculture are featured all over the space.

The Lin Beach House

“It is a great place for groups to gather for a drink in the summer before meeting friends for a dinner party, or a nightcap in the cold winter months for anyone before they walk upstairs to their room,” says Monahan.

Guests visiting Days Like These have access to spirits from Matchbook Distillery that are exclusive to the bar and bottle shop. Monahan notes that each time a guest visits, there’s likely to be some ‘wacky spirit with an incredible story’ being poured.

“We do not have a cocktail menu – we simply ask guests to tell us what they feel like drinking at that moment. If someone is looking for something citrus and shaken up – we will do just that. If their partner is looking for a classic alcohol-forward drink, we will stir them down something they will enjoy,” says Monahan.

The next-door distiller

Guests at The Lin are also encouraged to visit Matchbook Distilling company, the group’s contract distillery that custom makes spirits for those interested in distilling their own liquor. “We work closely with our clients to align our passions for beautiful liquid, compelling packaging, and great storytelling to develop such spirits for their intended purpose,” says Monahan.

From bars and restaurants looking to create proprietary spirits, to a simple collector looking to build a custom mash, Matchbook can and will do it all. The distillery, which has been in operation for just over a year, is already thriving with a diverse array of customers.

“Our clients interested in aging their spirits, not just whiskeys, but fruit spirits, gins, anything else really, work with us to choose a barrel for an intended flavour output, then we lay down such spirit in the clients’ barrel. Once the spirit is finished aging, we then bottle and get it out the door.”

Why hit the North Fork over The Hamptons?

And when it comes to the North Fork, versatility is key. “I think the North Fork attracts a special consumer,” says Monahan, “A friend of good food and good wine, a culturally progressive imbiber, who has so much in such a dense area.” Monahan calls out the area’s plethora of great cocktail bars, restaurants, farms and ocean proximity.

“These things don’t [come together] that often,” he says. “The Beach House is a great place to come throw your bags down and go enjoy it all.” Monahan cites The Lin’s quaint privacy, as well as its ability to make guests forget their stress over a cocktail, while also learning about spirits along the way.

“I think the people who gravitate to the North Fork, regardless of age, demographic, etc. all share the same passions. They love the escape, the local agriculture, and great food and wine,” says Monahan. And the fun goes beyond just summertime. “Shoulder seasons out on the North Fork are the true favourites for everyone who loves it,” says Monahan, noting that their high season actually goes until November 1st, while most other beach towns’ seasons end at Labor Day weekend.

“All of the wineries and farms are open on the weekends all season, but it’s a little quieter without all of the weddings and other celebratory occasions that populate the area in the summer,” says Monahan, highlighting that more and more restaurants are now staying open year-round.

Monahan notes that during winter and spring, The Beach House hosts many pop-up dinners, which range from ‘formal 8-course paired dinners to informal grab-and-go communal settings.’ For sunny summer weekends and cozy booze-filled breaks by the fire in winter, look no further than The Lin Beach House.

“We use the space as a blank canvas to host such experiences throughout the month that make guests really gravitate to what we are doing at our distillery, how we are supporting local farms, and how we have put life back into this beautiful old building here at The Lin Beach House.”

(All images: The Lin / supplied)

Published 08 January, 2020