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Must-Have Gadgets For Business Travellers

Business travellers have a lot on their mind. Constantly on-the-go and with a million things on their mind, tasks can inevitably slip through the cracks and be overlooked. Which is where handy travel gadgets and products come in. With the right accessory, life can become a whole lot simpler, easier, and fool-proof.

From portable power and packing cells to a kick-arse moisturising kit, here’s exactly what to pack for a business trip.

A pair of noise-cancelling headphones

travel gadgets business travellers

Image: Sony / supplied

If you have trouble sleeping on planes or simply want to drown out that snoring passenger beside you, a pair of these WH-1000XM3 headphones ($549.95) will make a world of difference.

The headphones feature Adaptive Sound Control, which automatically detects levels of activity and adjusts ambient sound settings to suit. The headphones are lightweight, classy and comfortable to wear and feature a new streamlined silhouette. This travel gadget is available in black and silver with a 30-hour battery life.

Packing separators and bags

travel gadgets business travellers

Image: Packing Pals / supplied

While they definitely make it easier to compress clothes and save space in a suitcase, Packing Pals ($29.95) also make it a cinch to sift through your luggage if you need to find something fast.

Available in two options – mesh or 100 per cent waterproof, food-safe PEVA material – the Packing Pals enable travellers to organise their suitcase, carry-on or backpack with cells that maximise space in your case. The #kondoyourcase method of organisation with the Packing Pals also includes a bag for dirty laundry, which means you can segregate your unclean clothes.

A cord roller

Shane Thompson is a long-haul pilot for Qantas and knows all about some of the problems faced by travellers. Thompson crafted The Cord Roll under the brand name, Afternoons with Albert ($75), inspired by happy times spent with his grandfather Albert, a skilled carpenter.

Thompson says the product was designed as a solution to help frequent flyers lose themselves in the joy of travel without having to deal with a chaotic knot of cords and wires.

A heavily insulated keep cup

travel gadgets business travellers

Image: Sttock Cup / supplied

Keepcups are all the rage, and should also be kept in mind for what to pack for a business trip.

Eco-minded travellers looking for a kick of coffee can do so with a clear conscience by stashing a Sttoke cup ($65) in their carry-on. As well as being visually appealing, the cup is made from German-engineered GREBLON and double insulated inside to keep your beverage warm for up to three hours.

Each Sttoke cup comes with a spill-proof lid and is insulated with high-quality stainless steel, which is BPA-free, shatter-proof and a safer option than single-use paper cups. Consider the Sttoke cup as a long-term contribution to your own #waronwaste campaign.

A pair of earbuds

Image: Sennheiser / supplied

If you haven’t considered investing in a pair of earbuds, now’s the time to start.

The Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless Headphones ($499.95) are easy to pack, convenient for on-the-go exercising (even in the rain – they’re splash-resistant) and come in four different ear sizes.

A foam travel pillow

travel gadgets business travellers

Image: Anaconda Go Travel / supplied

If you’re not lucky enough to be up the pointy end of the plane on a long-haul flight then you need to get as comfortable as you can in the upright position. While most seats now have a flexible headrest, a supportive neck pillow helps when you’re nodding off.

The memory foam in this Anaconda Go Travel Ultimate Memory Pillow ($55.99), which is covered in a super-soft grey velour, helps secure the pillow to any headrest so it doesn’t slip out of place. It also comes with an adjustable closure that prevents the head from falling forward and comes in a handy carry pouch.

A backpack with portable power

travel gadgets business travellers

Image: Kathmandu / supplied

The Kathmandu Connect Smart Pack ($499.98) provides frequent flyers with portable power thanks to an integrated Joey T3 smart unit, which means you can travel for days without ever needing to recharge your phone or connect to power. Savvy travellers will love the fact the bag fits under your seat while comfortably fitting both 15-inch laptop and tablet.

The Connect Smart Pack also has inbuilt security features – it can help find your phone if you lose it – and features LED lighting that illuminates your bag’s contents in darkness.

A travel adaptor

travel gadgets business travellers

Image: HPM / supplied

Show your colleagues you mean business by recharging during transit with the HPM World Travel Pack ($39). Whether it’s Rome or Rio De Janeiro, there’s an adapter to suit all your charging needs.

The World Travel pack is the ultimate as far as travel gadgets go, and comes equipped with 2 USB ports so you can charge your phone and other devices without the need to carry various dedicated power adapters. It’s this feature – that saves space and valuable weight – that makes the HPM World Travel Pack a must-have.

A quality hand moisturiser

travel gadgets business travellers

Image: DU’IT / supplied

These small tubes of moisturiser go a long way and are perfect for fly-in, fly-out travellers who are looking for a bit of relief for dry, irritated or dull hands. Whether you’re horizontal in business class or touching elbows in economy, the air on an aeroplane can be very drying. The creams are designed to condition nails and cuticles and increase moisture levels, which can provide much-needed relief at 30,000 feet.

The Essential Hand Repair Kit ($9.95) contains 20g tubes, which means they will make it through airport security and help combat the effects of cabin altitude.

A face mask

travel gadgets business travellers

Image: TecMask / supplied

Not everyone loves travelling. And for a germaphobe, clocking up air miles is less of a grand adventure and more of a nightmare.

The TecMask ($12.99) is aimed at travellers who might be feeling a bit fluey. It’s also for those getting airborne for work or leisure who are worried about the bacteria that is in abundance when sharing warm compressed air with strangers who share their germs through dirty hands or coughing fits. Lessen your vulnerability by warding off your exposure to germs with one of these stylish Germ Masks built with a PM2.5 filter.

Travel-sized face products

travel gadgets business travellers

Image: Black Chicken Remedies / supplied

Rest easy with Black Chicken Remedies’ Love Your Face Pack ($197) in your hand luggage as nothing is over 100ml. The pack of all-natural remedial products includes a muslin face cloth to apply the products designed to cleanse, purify, hydrate and nourish.

The Love Your Face Pack will ensure you don’t arrive at your destination looking dishevelled. Those committed to a hard-core skincare regime using products with no harmful chemicals will love the Hydrate My Face.

(Lead image: Sennheiser / supplied) 

Published 28 June, 2019