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Spritzes & Sax Tunes: Brisbane’s Tel Aviv-Inspired Boozy Brunch

Tel Aviv-inspired bar and restaurant ZA ZA TA, tucked to the side of Ovolo The Valley, is the latest addition to Brisbane’s The Valley. And now thanks to its Sunday boozy brunch, which launched early September, it’s become even more of a destination venue.

“When we looked at what’s on offer in town currently, we saw that an exciting, high-energy day party masked as ‘brunch’ like Bagatelle in New York and London was missing,” says Vincent Lombino, Ovolo Group’s food and beverage director.

“The common theme in feedback has been ‘Brisbane needed this’ and ‘Thank you for bringing brunch is such a great way’.”

The venue’s three colonial-style spaces The Parlour, The Library and The Conservatory set a glamorous scene. Every decor detail has been carefully curated, from the Persian rugs, emerald green cushions and floral wallpaper to the handmade, pottery plates. The result is the feeling of being in a friend’s house. It’s a place to get comfortable.

“The vibe is buzzing all day,” says Lombino. “People dancing by their table, moving to the groove while eating. All like-minded individuals. Our staff know how to create an incredible atmosphere for all our guests.”

A sax trio, singers, drummers and a DJ provide the tunes. And executive chef Roy Ner and head chef Dario Manca, the food. A mix of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean, Ner describes ZA ZA TA’s food as “soulful and dynamic”.

“We say soulful because every single dish has some sort of heritage,” Ner says. “And dynamic because we’re young chefs bringing it a new life.”

For the brunch, expect a grazing menu of whipped dips, pickled veggies and warm Israeli breads, as well as a slow-cooked meat carving station and a tempting selection of Middle Eastern-inspired sweets.

“The dessert table is next level,” says Lombino. “I mean grandma’s chocolate Baklava and the Halva Mousse. Every cocktail encompasses fruit and spices handpicked as if you walked the Jaffa Markets [in Tel Aviv] that morning.

Lombino says he and the team want guests to walk away feeling enriched, invigorated and energised, and they’ve experienced something truly unique. “It’s a well-curated day of fun, food and friends in a beautiful setting,” he says.

ZZT Brunch runs 12 – 4pm every Sunday, and features food-only and free-flowing packages.

(All images: ZA ZA TA / supplied) 

Published 19 September, 2019